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Senator Sander’s perfect world … absent all the facts and disregarding the consequences 🤠🤠🤠 everybody gets a pony for their birthday

In Senator Sanders world:

Social Security is not in trouble, it doesn’t affect the national debt, rather we need to expand it and 1.5% of Americans can pay for it

Surely he can read the Social Security Trustees Report. He must know that interest being paid on the SS Treasury Bonds affects the federal deficit and debt and that money must be found to redeem these bonds to continue paying full benefits. And where does he get his 1.5%? Well, some studies peg household income of $250,000 at the 1.5% level and Sanders has proposed raising the payroll tax on earnings above $250,000, but that’s household income not individual income and not all earned payroll wages. Eliminating the taxable wage cap does not fix the solvency or sustainability problem let alone provide money for expanded benefits.

We need a national $15.00 minimum wage

This means a minimum wage couple would earn more than the current US median household income. What are the implications on all wages and on prices? Will minimum wage workers actually come out ahead after the price inflation this minimum creates? Isn’t the real problem the worker and not the wages?

State college should be free

Nothing is free and if you make it appear so, it is taken advantage of. The problem is the cost and system for providing a higher education; its inefficient!

We need Medicare for all

Okay, now tell people what it costs, how it will be paid for, what new taxes are necessary and most important, how ongoing costs will be managed. Explain how costs are managed in countries with such systems. Tell the full story.

img_1090Senator Sanders (and his supporters) lives in a fantasy world where instead of trying to actually solve a problem the answer is to throw money at the symptom and … it’s always someone else’s money, never money from his target audience who like to live in it’s a “free” world. 


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