Let’s ask again; what is affordable health care? 

man_laughing_at_you_lg_clrHow to lower what people pay for health care out-of-pocket and keep premiums low.

Looking for the secret? There isn’t any
There is no such thing as making health care affordable in the minds of Americans because what they seek does not exist. You cannot have lower premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs at the same time. You cannot benefit both the high health care user and the non user. 

Keep that in mind when you consider the Republican repeal and replace strategy. 

Out-of-pocket spending is one of voters’ top concerns when it comes to health care. The January 2017 monthly tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation found 67 percent of those polled said their top health priority is “lowering the amount individuals pay for health care,” followed closely by “lowering the cost of prescription drugs” at 61 percent. (Kaiser Health News is an editorially independent project of the foundation.)

High deductibles — often in the thousands of dollars — have become part of that problem.

People who are most angry about the Affordable Care Act, said Chris Jennings, a health official in the Clinton and Obama administrations, “want deductibles lower and more benefits.”

But Republicans’ most popular proposals for replacing current individual insurance plans — cutting back on required benefits and giving more people access to tax-preferred health savings accounts — would likely increase out-of-pocket spending for those who use health services (although it would be less expensive for people who are healthy all year long).

Letting people buy more bare-bones policies “means insurance doesn’t kick in until people have very significant medical bills,” said Ayanian.

Source: Kaiser Health News


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  1. “Affordable”? When I use a word, it means exactly what I want it to mean, nothing more, nothing less.

    Is “affordable” twice as high for someone whose income is $100,000 a year living in New York City (where a doctor visit is often $300+ And a two bedroom apt is $3,000+ a month) compared to say a person earning $50,000 a year in Ft Wayne Indiana – where medical services are often less than half as expensive and a two bedroom apartment is less than $650 a month?

    Is it affordable where two individuals with the same income both pay $1,000 out of pocket medical where one has a family of four and the other is single?

    If you are looking for “fairness”, remember that “fair” is a totally subjective standard – how I think I should be treated.

    The problem is that Democrats and Republicans have accepted the concept that “affordable, quality health care coverage” is a right, like clean water, clean air, etc. – without bothering to inform the medical community that they are now public utilities subject to a government entity setting prices, defining products and services available, limiting investments, and adding a new, massive bureaucracy. Then, every time the administration changes, we will redefine “affordable” based on the perception of some policy wonk inside the beltway, insulated himself from the issue.


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