I’m convinced; nobody actually wants to learn the truth about Social Security 

Rather than face the reality of underfunded promises and inaction by Congress, it’s easier to believe made up information. Congress stole the Social Security money. Republicans stole the money, some politicians want to destroy Social Security, if Congress gives the money back there is no problem, the money should have been invested to pay interest… blah, blah, blah. 

Wrong, wrong, wrong‼️ What you read on Facebook, including what you see below, is inaccurate information from people who have no idea what they are talking about. 

 Take a few minutes to learn the facts. You can start here if you like. 


  1. The blame falls to the political elite, who have lied to the American voter during every election. From the Famous “LOCK BOX” of AL Gore to every lie that politicians have told over the last 70 plus years. I will take every SS check the government sends me starting in Feb 2018 at age 62, knowing that I nor my employers paid in enough to cover the benefits I will receive. If I live to be 82, just 20 years in 2038 I will have collected 7.65 times what was paid in SS taxes from 1971 to 2006. What many people who are now or will soon be getting SS benefits, do not remember in their early years of employment many workers did not make more than $5 per hour. In 1980 I made $3.95 per hour. By 1990 I was making $10 per hour and by 1995 I was making $17 per hour. Not much SS tax was paid in from 1971 to 1990. From 1990 to 2006 not enough additional SS tax was paid to make up for the really low years.
    My SS benefit is equal to my average income over my 35 years of paying SS taxes. You cannot get that kind of return from any other source. Without putting thousands of dollars (which I did not have) into investment accounts.


  2. You must stop getting so worked up about these facebook post. I find them quite entertaining.

    One post calls for a strike. How do you strike if you are collecting social security? Go back to work? Another wants all their money back. I think we should give them their money back over a 4-6 year period starting as early as age 62 and then stop it when they reach what they put into social security (with interest of course). If they are younger than give it back (only theirs not the employer match), and let them try to invest it, tax their capital gains and see if they can make the money last 10-20 years. I am not sure that you can make it last 3 years unless you were just lucky enough to invest it in the next Apple or Google. More than likely they would have nothing left just like amount of retirement savings they have now.


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