Facebook Memes that undermine our ability to actually fix problems like Social Security. 

Look at the following meme from Facebook. See how it implies Social Security is a piggy bank for Congress. The implication being that if Congress didn’t use the Social Security money everything would be ok. They also imply Social Security money is used for other programs.

All that is not true‼ It’s disgrace is that the people putting these memes together know they are lying, but continue to do so to gain support from uninformed people. If you want to better understand the truth about Social Security, scan the articles within the Social Security category on this blog. 

One other point. If you are still working and paying Social Security payroll taxes, not one penny that you are paying is going toward your future Social Security benefit, all of your taxes are being used to pay my benefit and all others currently collecting a benefit. And, by the way, after being retired seven years, my wife and I have already received in benefits far more than I paid in Social Security taxes since I first paid in 1957 and every year through 2010. Look for a Facebook meme to explain how that all works🤥

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