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Employers Fret Job-Based Coverage Vulnerable To Fallout From GOP Health Overhaul 🤑 Watch your wallet‼

If, like millions of Americans, you have employer-provided health care coverage, keep a close eye on what Republicans plan to do with any Obamacare replacement. If they change the tax structure for these benefits as is being talked about, you will likely loose benefits and incur a new tax bill without the extra cash to pay those taxes. 

Through years of acrimony over Obamacare coverage for the poor and other individuals lacking health policies, one kind of insurance has remained steady, widespread and relatively affordable. Employer-sponsored medical plans still cover more Americans than any other type, typically with greater benefits and lower out-of-pocket expense. Recent cost increases for job-based coverage have been a tiny fraction of those for Obamacare plans for individuals. [😷]

Now, as President Donald Trump promises a replacement for the Affordable Care Act that will provide “insurance for everybody,” employers worry Republican attempts to redo other parts of the insurance market could harm their much larger one. “We’re deeply embedded” in the health law, said Neil Trautwein, vice president of health care policy for the National Retail Federation, a trade group. “Pick your analogy — it’s like being tied to the railroad tracks or having a bomb strapped across your chest. It’s tough to disarm these things.”

Business dislikes many parts of the ACA, including its substantial paperwork, the mandate to offer coverage and the “Cadillac tax” on high-benefit plans that takes effect in 2020. But large companies in particular — those that have always offered job-based insurance — say a poorly thought-out replacement might turn out to be worse for them and their workers. “Whatever the Republicans are going to do, they’ve got to make it look as different from the ACA as they can” for political reasons, said Edward Fensholt, a senior benefits lawyer at Lockton Companies, a large broker. “There are some pieces that aren’t broken, and the more you … make something different from the ACA, the more you risk screwing up things that look OK.”

Any new health law needs substantial revenue to replace the Cadillac tax as well as ACA taxes on health insurers, medical devices and high-income households that paid for care expansion — assuming those measures are repealed. Otherwise, it risks stranding the millions getting government-subsidized Obamacare coverage. One tempting solution for Republicans, big business worries, is to limit the exemption from income and payroll taxes that job-based coverage has enjoyed for decades. Taxing workers and employers for health benefits could raise billions to pay for a replacement plan.

Source: Employers Fret Job-Based Coverage Vulnerable To Fallout From GOP Health Overhaul | Kaiser Health News

[😷] That is because employed people are generally healthier, but also because they are a reasonably stable pool of people with zero, modest and high health care needs. In addition, many, especially large, employers have invested in various forms of wellness programs and care management.


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  1. I got a chuckle from this line, “Any new health law needs substantial revenue to replace the Cadillac tax…” Uh huh, the tax that has never been collected and is not set to kick in until 2020, and which was conceived as a fig leaf from the beginning. I’ll meet you smoke and raise you mirrors.


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