Again, where your money goes and why Social Security and Medicare and health care aren’t fixed. 

The picture is quite clear for anyone who wants to see it. Mandatory spending is on the rise and an overwhelming portion of the federal budget. Look at interest cost which are also rising because of higher debt and higher interest rates.  We simply are not paying for Social Security or Medicare.

What to do? What to do?


  1. The Federal Government, is the only one I know that does not pay something on the principle each month. To say no one is looking at the interest cost is miss leading. I have transferred $5,000 in debt to Zero interest 18 month credit cards and will be out of debt in 18 months.
    The government should be required to pay off 500 billion each year. It would still take over 40 years to get to zero. I am sure the numbers in the pie chart will be higher.


  2. The way I see it, there is 37% not going to either medical or social security programs. Why are we not spending that money on the elderly? They deserve it or did they earn it because they managed to live to their 60’s?

    Tomorrow when you about write about education, military or transportation issues, I’ll have to adjust the percentage so it will only benefit me, me, me, me.

    Wait until the people complain about the spending being less than 63% of the federal budget when interest rates begin to rise and the percentage of debt service becomes much larger.

    Sometimes I wonder how people manage their own finances but I guess I know with all the home foreclosures. They must also have a magic pie pans when they bake. Cut a slice and a new larger slice reappears in its place. We all know that is exactly what happens at Thanksgiving dinner.

    We should take everybody’s credit card away for one month because people no longer understand that there is a limited amount of money and when it gone, it gone. In our cashless society, I think that the younger generation will find these lesson harder to understand. When I was younger, only if I had cash in my pocket could I buy something. Now if you have a piece of plastic or your phone you can buy it and pay for it later. But nobody is looking at the cost of paying for it later.


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