How much do you know about your elected representative’s finances?

Money matters, both if you have it and if you don’t. It also matters to some extent how you acquired your wealth.

The link below provides information about net worth of members of Congress. It’s an interesting read.

There are details about the wealth and assets of the fifty wealthiest. And all members are ranked from rich to poor.  Interestingly there are many members with a negative net worth because of liabilities; possibly not good if you are concerned about integrity and ethics.

There are members who have some assets, but based on their age should have more. There are also many whose wealth comes from their spouse or an inheritance.

As you may guess, there are substantial real estate and stock holdings, including by members who are not afraid to criticize Wall Street.

under debtHow much confidence should we have in a 58-year-old professional with a net worth of $120,000 or one age 76 and only worth $160,000?  How about a 77-year-old with a zero net worth or an 80-year-old with total assets of less than $15,000 in savings accounts, not to mention the 124 members of Congress with a negative net worth including a 79-year-old outspoken member of the Financial Services Committee with a $100,000 negative net worth?

We have put in charge of our money and responsible for making important fiscal decisions hundreds of people who apparently cannot manage their own finances. People who because of their financial circumstances may be susceptible to influence peddlers and trading today’s decisions for future security after leaving office. 

Roll Call


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