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Build a wall on the Canadian border🙄

Frankly I don’t want America to look like the Berlin Wall. I saw what was left of that wall and it’s ugly. 

Canada is our neighbor too. Shouldn’t we build a wall both north and south and then we can truly be isolated? That and high tariffs should complete the process of making America great again 😞

I forgot, we don’t have a problem with Canadians sneaking into the US, they are smarter than that. 

Or maybe it has to do with the fact that poverty in Canada is about 9% while it’s 52% in Mexico and who knows what in Central American countries. 

So a good strategy seems to be to keep jobs out of Mexico by forcing work to stay here while increasing the prices Americans pay for goods and services. That has the additional benefit of increasing poverty in our neighboring country. I mean if you have all the poverty you can use, why try and scale a wall to come to the US. 

After WWII there was something called the Marshall plan to rebuild Europe including Germany in part to keep communism out and to avoid the mistakes following WWI. 

Just maybe helping to build the Mexican economy and lower poverty there could dissuade Mexicans from leaving.

One thing is for sure, a wall won’t work and a wall is demeaning to the United States of America. 


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  1. Wall, or no wall, I am grateful that Trump is focusing on borders being a necessary part of nationhood. Also, I am grateful that he seems inclined toward penalizing so-called “sanctuary cities” out here on the “left coast.” The curmudgeon Frank

    On Wed, Jan 25, 2017 at 9:25 AM, QUINNSCOMMENTARY the facts about lots of stuff important to you wrote:

    > rdquinn posted: “Frankly I don’t want America to look like the Berlin > Wall. I saw what was left of that wall and it’s ugly. Canada is our > neighbor too. Shouldn’t we build a wall both north and south and then we > can truly be isolated? That and high tariffs should co” >


  2. Comparing any wall we would build to secure our border to the Berlin Wall is idiotic. The USSR built that wall to keep people in, we are building our’s to keep people out. If I cross in to Mexico, illegally, I will be arrested and put in jail for up to 10 years, we should have the same law as Mexico .


    • There are two sides to a wall so somebody is being kept in are they not? Hey, I’m all for enforcing every law we have and for doing away with so-called sanctuary cities which are breaking our own laws. The US building a wall in an attempt to keep people out is a sad commentary on our ability to abide by our own laws in my view.


  3. Another side of the story is all the drugs that are coming in from our Southern border and not from Canada but you seem to not account for that. I also had a neighborhood barber in his eightys murdered by illegal Mexicans (never caught either) for about $200. The lack of civility of some of them is not tolerable and I fully support keeping the thugs/ “illegals” out. Russ


    • But you see that’s the point the political left doesn’t get. These people are more concerned about their incomes than the possibility of a leak. Plus keystone is an extension of what already exists. It’s not like something new is being tried. In fact, there are thousands of miles of pipelines all over the US. And as Sanders seems to believe, such a pipeline won’t increase the use of fossils fuels.

      In other words, the people who voted for Trump (not me), see things differently and have different priorities.


      • These landowners will get no income from that pipeline. Their lands will be seized by eminent domain. When leaks poison their water aquifer, their lands will become virtually worthless. All pipelines leak and are a perfect target for terrorists. There will be transient temporary jobs created, but virtually no permanent jobs to monitor that pipeline. The dirtiest oil on this planet will be channeled to Texas refineries owned by either the Koch Brothers or owned by Saudis. All of the resulting product will be exported. These landowners have been fighting this dangerous pipeline for years! This is NOT “America First”! Rather, this is GOP “Greed Over People” first.


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