Here we go again on birth control. Tom Price🎯

Actually, before contraceptives were added as a mandatory benefit under Obamacare, millions of women had trouble affording it. A survey commissioned by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund in 2010, before the mandate went into effect, found that a third of women struggled with the cost of prescription birth control— their co-pays ranged from $15 to $50 a month.  From Facebook post 11-30-16 regarding a march on Washington.

With regard to the above I have to ask, how could women struggle to afford a non-covered benefit while at the same time struggling to pay a co-pay which would not exist if it was not a covered benefit?  Oh well.

First, we are not discussing benefits for poor women, they should have affordable coverage for all health services. Get it, not talking about women who cannot afford their prescriptions👍🏼

Before anyone ever heard of Obamacare, over 90% of employer plans covered contraceptives as any other prescription drug. Medicaid also covered contraceptives for poor women.

I’m guessing many women would like their insulin to be free, and mothers the EpiPen too. Men might like their ED meds to be free as well, etc.

The issue is not that birth control should not be a covered medical service under health benefit plans. It should, and most Americans with insurance through their employer or government plan have had coverage for many years.

But along comes Obamacare and not only mandates the coverage (already in place in most plans), but feels compelled to make it “free!” Where is the logic?

A sick child’s visit to the pediatrician is not free but we fight to maintain “free” birth control? This is not a matter of women’s health or preventive services; pregnancy is not an illness. Some advocates take the position that free birth control is cheaper than a pregnancy and delivery.  Quite true if you accept that a woman will act irresponsibly not in her or a partners best interest and become pregnant because she had to pay a 20% co-pay for her prescription.

20120712-215037.jpgThis isn’t even about what is affordable, it’s a matter of setting priorities in ones spending. If you can’t afford a Rx co-pay of $15 to $20, what else do you spend that amount on each month that maybe is what you really can’t afford? Remember, we are not talking about poor women. 

But that doesn’t matter because as I have said all too often nobody thinks they should spend their hard-earned money on health care. After all, if you call it “free” nobody pays for it, right?

Every time I raise this issue I get beaten up, most recently being called misogynistic, so why do I persist?  Because this issue of who pays for what is the essence of why we cannot reach a goal of affordable health care.  We collectively are incapable of seeing personal responsibility for health care costs. We make excuses for not spending our money on health care.  Again, we are not talking about poor people, we are talking about people who have the flexibility to set spending priorities, but when it comes to health care expenses, those expenses are always at the bottom of any priorities list, which of course is understandable since we have been conditioned for decades to believe that.

However, if that attitude continues , the result will be higher and higher premiums reflecting higher and higher spending.

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  1. I think for most of us co pays being reasonable are fine. We have had co pays the entire time we had prescription coverage. I think that with Medicare; the government should work with the drug companies to lower their prices. The price of Epi pens and Insulin do NOT cost what they are charging for them. We heard that to make the Epi Pens was under 10.00. You add on a few for the profit and they are still affordable. We have a CARTEL of drug companies that want to fix prices so high to make a quick profit and BIG HUGE salaries for their CEO and CFO while the folks who are making the drugs get a normal salary. And many of our drugs are not even made in the USA. Lipitor is made in Ireland along with others. Why can Canada charge so much less??? They are the Same companies there. GREED


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