The naive simplistic mind of Bernie Sanders

My first reaction is, so what? My next reaction is, what is his point? But more important what does he want to do?

Let’s do some math. Assume each of those 62 people has $50 billion (which is an overstated amount). That means their total worth is $3,100,000,000,000 (trillion). Now divide that money by the 3.6 billion people and each individual receives $861.11. 

Now what? What has changed, what have we accomplished? Nothing has changed in any of those individual’s lives. 

I suppose we could also have governments confiscate those funds and redistribute them in some manner. Oh wait, that’s what government has been doing for centuries and where has that gotten us?

Naive Bernie also ignores the consequences of taxing all that wealth (or preventing it from being accumulated). Like less innovation, slower economic growth, fewer jobs, slowed human advancement; little things like that. 

And remember, that wealth is not cash sitting in a drawer, it’s in all forms of investments; stock, real estate, art and more. Also think about the charities and other worthy causes that wealth currently supports. What havoc would result from confiscating that wealth?

Bernie’s Tweets may rile up some people, but there is little substance beyond the shock effect. 


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  1. One of the best socialist enterprises in the world is the Catholic Church or at least they preach giving to the poor. Now I do not know how effective they are but it is estimated that the Bank of Vatican is worth $8 billion and the Church’s impressive physical holdings, priceless works of art, and architecture of the Vatican, have never been formally valued. Since the church’s finances are decentralized with each church having it’s own holdings throughout the world, the true worth is totally unknown, but I am sure that they can count as several of these $50 billion people.

    This is just one religion of many. This is proof that people are more than willing not to keep their money. People willingly give their money to either a church or a capitalist who will provide something they perceive as value. Note: healthcare must not be perceive as valuable but an iPhone is.

    If Bernie is able to redistribute all of the world’s wealth, how is he going to stop them from giving it back to those 62 people or religions? Every time you get more than $861 does he take the extra money and gives it to somebody who gave away their money and causing their bank account to fall below $861 ? Bernie just doesn’t understand the concept of money, trade, goods, or services.


  2. Or “What’s in it for me. Where is my share. Are the common phrases often yapped about.

    Make a positive difference in someone’s life today. Bill Mitchell


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