Nothing new with health insurance 😷😷😷 even if it’s Obamacare

See these comments, they seem to be a bit conflicting don’t they? Most people like their coverage, but at the same time have several concerns. But you know what? I have heard these same comments since 1961 when I first started working with health benefits. 

Complaints about premiums, deductibles, in and out-of-network issues, items not covered and a lack of understanding about coverage are nothing new, have nothing to do with Obamacare and will continue with whatever Republicans come up with; heck they exist under Medicare as well. 

There will never be a solution to the complaints about health insurance and it’s not the fault of insurance companies. The basic issue is simply that people don’t want insurance, they want a vehicle that will pay any and all their health care expenses. To make matters worse, the average person fails (or refuses) to recognize the direct relationship between premiums and what is spent on health care 😷😷😷 by them and everyone else in an insured group. 

They spoke anxiously about rising premiums, deductibles, copays and drug costs. They were especially upset by surprise bills for services they believed were covered. They said their coverage was hopelessly complex. Those with marketplace insurance — for which they were eligible for subsidies — saw Medicaid as a much better deal than their insurance and were resentful that people with incomes lower than theirs could get it. They expressed animosity for drug and insurance companies, and sounded as much like Bernie Sanders supporters as Trump voters. One man in Pennsylvania with Type 1 diabetes reported making frequent trips to Eastern Europe to purchase insulin at one-tenth the cost he paid here.

Source: Drew Altman 1-5-17 NYTs relating focus groups conducted by KFF with people enrolled in marketplace plans

2016 Survey by Kaiser Family Foundation 

Following the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) third open enrollment period, a new Kaiser Family Foundation survey of people who buy their own health insurance finds most marketplace enrollees give their coverage good marks, though concerns about premiums, deductibles, and other costs have risen since 2014.

The survey, the third in a series, finds about two thirds (68%) of marketplace customers rate their current coverage as either “excellent” or “good.” Although concerns about narrow network plans have been in the news, large shares of marketplace enrollees say they are satisfied with their plan’s networks, including their choice of hospitals (75%), primary care doctors (74%), and specialists (59%).

About six in 10 also say they are satisfied with their plan’s premium (59%), and half say the same about their deductible (51%). At the same time, about four in ten express dissatisfaction with their premium (40%) and deductible (46%). Since 2014, the share saying they are satisfied with their plan’s premiums and deductibles has declined, while the share saying that they are dissatisfied has increased.


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