Physicians reject repeal of Obamacare

Physicians should reject repeal and ‘demand a plan’ to replace the ACA


In an Ideas and Opinions piece published in Annals of Internal Medicine, Susan Dentzer, BA, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation in Cambridge, Mass., says that America’s physicians resist the plans of the incoming Trump administration and Republican-controlled Congress to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). According to the author, any plan presented by the Republicans is likely to strip coverage from poorer patients and those with pre-existing conditions, which could result in an unprecedented public health crisis. She urges physicians to resist repeal and demand to see a full-blown replacement plan first with the same “cold-eyed rigor they would apply to any claim that the latest snake oil offering on the market was a better cure for patients.”


  1. As a member of the NJ Sentinel and hearing what the plans have, this article sounds like baloney.
    Many are fed up with Obamacare, the prices, the deductions that are NOT covered. Repealing it as it stands is the only thing to do. allowing to cross state lines, allowing more choices, stopping the stupid restrictions on doctors. So many doctors have either left the plans or left Medicare plans and they had to join up with hospitals which now limit what ones you can go to. We have Horizon selling plans that restrict hospitals unless they pay a price to get back into tiers. A friend works for one of their hospitals and had an ortho operation by the firm that is in every one of their hospitals but they are not part of the plan but no one thought about that back then. What they promised them was the world, what they got was less than a county. There are things in Obamacare that would be carried over and should have been included way back when policies were started… No one will be without coverage; time will be given to choose a new policy. It will take time to establish the new policies, not piece meal. competition will be allowed, no bailouts,
    People will have more time with their doctors, There are new things that will be instituted for our protection.


  2. Mr. Quinn, The headline is a statement not supported by the article following. (The link to the does not work. ) Ms. Dentzer apparently is expressing an opinion that doctors Should reject repeal, not that some polling of physicians indicated that they have said such.

    Did you check the “members” of Ms. Dentzer’s group, The Network for Excellence in Health Innovation? (See Wikipedia.) The “members” are chock a block full of the largest drug companies (who helped give us Obamacare in the first place) as well as a handful of big time accounting firms.

    Mr. Quinn, you are on record as being against repeal. That’s fine. But don’t write misleading headlines to support your position.


    1. Anyone who thinks the PPACA should not be repealed is nuts. Just on the lie of you can keep your doctor, you can keep your plan, the average savings will be $2,400 per year. What a load of crap, it should be dumped. My sister had her employer paid for health care plan cancelled and the new plan deductible went from $1,000 to $2,500, then 2 years later went to $5,000 The premium her boss paid went from $400 per month to $800 per month. If they wanted to keep the $2,500 deductible the premium would go to $1,100 per month.


      1. ACA directly affects about 3% of the US population. What you describe has nothing to do with Obamacare. That trend among employers started long before 2009, I know because I designed and managed plans. Lot wrong with ACA, but it shouldn’t be blamed for stuff it didn’t cause.


    2. The was all a press release, but I mistakenly jumped the gun. It wasn’t supposed to be released yet. The link and full story should work after 5:00 today. Sorry about that.


      1. RD- Then how come the insurance sales person told my sister and her boss a State Farm Agent, that the changes where because of the PPACA. Also, State Farm stopped offering health insurance policies that covered the agents employees. They also, said the change was because of the PPACA. Maybe it was because of the losses that all health insurance companies where going to have to suffer under the PPACA.


      2. I don’t know, but I can tell you employers were not required to cut benefits, but rather add new benefits.


  3. The medical industrial complex may be more harmful to our citizens than the overspending of the military industrial complex. Since when do the physicians have a say in the repeal of PPACA?
    What CURE has the medical industrial complex provided to most patients? At best they are a symptoms treatment complex, that keep patients coming back for more pills, no CURE authorized.


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