Republicans release draft Obamacare replacement legislation 🀑

So far Republicans are off on the wrong foot … they base their Obamacare replacement on two false assumptions. 😷 the problem is a lack of competition among insurance companies and 😷 patients can be health care consumers and thus be efficient price sensitive shoppers for health insurance and health care. Good luck with that. 

Here is a brief summary of the just released draft bill:

The AHCRA bill would create an inflation-adjusted, above-the-line “standard deduction for health insurance,” with the starting value set at $7,500 for individuals and $20,500 for families. The SDHI tax credit would apply to all income and payroll taxes.

The bill also would:

Let people use the money in a health savings account to pay for high-deductible major medical insurance.

Let health insurers sell coverage across state lines.

Create new provisions protecting doctors against medical malpractice suits, such as a mandatory independent medical review panel before the discovery process begins; and

Provide $25 billion in funding over 10 years for state high-risk pools for people with serious health problems.


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