Let’s redefine “government”

How often have you heard references to government payments or government subsidies or the government owes us or something government requires to be “free.”  I suspect in the political battles to come we will be hearing “government” a great deal more.

IMG_2303To make these discussions more honest and more transparent I suggest we now substitute American Taxpayer for government. That way when we are discussing spending more, or taking on more long-term liabilities, we will know who will actually be taking on these obligations.

Government pays for nothing, current and in many cases future taxpayers do. There is no such thing as government debt, it’s American Taxpayer debt currently at $62,000 per citizen; that’s closing in on $20,000,000,000,000.  There is no such thing as government interest payments, American Taxpayers pay over $300,000,000,000 a year in interest payments, $98 billion of that to the Social Security Trust. [with historically low interest rates]

The “government” is still spending nearly $600,000,000,000 more each year than it collects in all forms of taxes and revenue even while Social Security and Medicare are on track to insolvency. Oh I forgot, government is spending all that because that is what the American Taxpayer wants it to do, right?

And who is the American Taxpayer? The short answer is fewer and fewer citizens. There are about three million fewer Americans in the workforce than in 2000 and nearly 16,000,000 more not in the labor force than in 2000 (including retired).

Look at the chart below and consider it when you hear all the rhetoric about fair share. Note the disproportionate amount of taxes paid by a relatively small portion of taxpayers.

Let’s agree, there is no such thing as government spending or debt, it’s all ours and our children’s and their children’s obligations which will consume an ever-growing portion of our discretionary income.

NOTE: All these are number are federal government related. Just think what your debt share is for your state.

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  1. Love the idea of substituting ‘American Taxpayer ‘ for the word Government! How do we get this put in place. Would make everyone stop and think!


  2. We are 20 trillion dollars in debt, no American Taxpayer has been paying their fair share, period.
    I remember paying federal income taxes back in the 1970″s and 1980’s, but have not paid any federal income taxes since 1990 with the birth of my fourth child. I will be taking the dirt nap before I will have to pay any federal income tax, under the current system. I have not paid any Social Security tax since 2006, but my projected benefit keeps going up every year, I will start getting SS benefits in Feb 2018 and will not owe any federal income tax with $33,500 in total family income. What a way to run a country.


  3. Wrong. SOME American Taxpayers. So long as people believe others will (and should) pay, then it is “government” should …


  4. I love your suggestion of renaming government to American tax payer. Maybe people will realize who is really paying the bills. However that $62k debt owed by each citizen is really $167k per paying taxpayer. And in New Jersey you can add another $11k per citizen to that amount. For every tax payer paying the bills, almost two others are not paying anything. If they all voted then they would continue to over spend since it is not money out of their pocket.

    It has been years since I have gotten a paper check from NJ, and I forget exactly which NJ account the income tax refund was being paid from but it was not from the state treasury or the state general fund. The name of account was odd like they were giving money to you because you were a good NJ citizen, not that they were giving you your own overpayment money.


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