Happy 2017

Despite all the events of 2016, Keep Calm and Carry On. With luck we will make 2017 a smooth transition to better times for all. 


  1. Happy New Year to you your family Dick. I think things will get a lot better. The Stock market is already up. Jobs are staying that were about to leave our country. I actually heard so many say Merry Christmas and the other holidays that Spell check doesn’t help me on. I tried. I feel Up about the coming year. Unfortunately, SS cola only paid for the upping of the Medicare. Interest rates may go up which is good for savings but not loans, & NJ gas tax went up.


  2. Mr. Quinn,

    I hope that you and your family have a happy and prosperous New Year.

    I know that you must feel like sometimes people just don’t listen to you but I am here to tell you that some people do listen. For the last 3+ decades I have been listening to your council and bouncing that information off of my own research and I am happy to report that in 2017 I will retire at age 55 or at least find a much less stressful and time consuming job for a next few years until my health slows me down.

    I think that every 9th graders should get a personal finance class covering everything from loans (including student loans), credit cards, mortgages, taxes, investing, and retirements. I think every college freshman should repeat the class. I think that you should be an advisor for that course.

    I do not think that even Trump can derail my retirement plans in 2017, and I thank you.


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