Here’s why Sen Sanders and the far left are so dangerous 

Sometimes I wonder if Sanders and company are simply fools or are just trying to mislead Americans. Look at the following tweet. 

Don’t believe Republicans? How about believing the Social Security Trustees or the Congressional Budget Office? 

And what happens in 18 years (14 by CBO estimates)? A benefit cut between 21 and 26%!

To say SS is not going broke is irresponsible and a lie. To make that case because full benefits can be paid (using interest paid to the Trust) for 18 years in a program designed to continue forever demonstrates his ignorance of pension funding. Eighteen years is an insignificant amount of time when it comes to sustaining Social Security. 

The longer we wait to make SS sustainable, the more significant the changes will have to be. The Trustees have been saying this every year for over a decade. 

Sanders is pushing for increasing Social Security while denying the current state of the program. He is an excellent example of …

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