Diversity, Inclusion and Lots of Trophies … has America lost its edge and misplaced its goals?

We hear a great deal about diversity, inclusion, the rights of various groups of citizens.

Our Country is based on a very fundamental principle, e Pluribus Unum – out of many, one. We were once known as the melting pot of the world, people came here to be Americans and enjoy a better life. That ideal has never fully been realized, of course, not everyone enjoyed full inclusion or fair treatment and many still don’t.

However, is that an excuse for not striving for the ideal of full inclusion and full participation?

Don’t we work against the ultimate goal of full inclusion when we divide ourselves into sub groups? I recall the motto “respect diversity.” Respect of course, but not to isolate diversity at the expense of inclusion. If we all celebrate groups, how can we be one out of many?

Do we run the risk of those outside a given group perceiving a desire not for inclusion but for recognition primarily within a group? Is a Black or Hispanic organization for leadership the same as an organization for leadership absent of any group designation? Do they have equal value or do they work against full participation?

Here is one example. These are groups promoted by and supported by one corporation.

American Association of Blacks in xxx (industry)

Black Professional Network

Asians& Pacific Islanders Reaching for Excellence

Community of Emergency Responders and Families

Functional Environmental Achievement Team

Health and Wellness Team

The Young Professionals of xxx

North American Young Generation in xxx

Resources for seasoned, inclusive and engaged xxx professionals

Connecting Employees in Remote Locations

Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Achievement

Gay and Lesbian Alliance

Military Vets and Advocates

Native Americans and Indigenous Peoples

Enabling Abilities

Enabling Disabilities

Women in xxx

Women’s Network

Working Parents and Caregivers

But such divisions are not limited to the workplace. There are many awards and other recognition programs for various race and gender groups. If everyone gets a trophy, is their value in the trophies? If every student gets an “A,” has anyone gotten and A?

Could our desire for recognition, correctness and fairness be having the opposite effect? Instead of enabling a single goal of high achievement, are we lowering our standards and instead celebrating average and in the process working against true inclusion?


e Pluribus Unum


  1. Dwayne, I agree with you. We are being discriminated against at time. Reverse Discrimination.
    White Women especially. I bid in for a job years ago and the Man got it because he had a family.
    Well, he lasted a few years and left, I retired from the company. He hid the work under his blotter, I ended up with it. Women make less $$ than men in a lot of cases. same job, same duties, less pay. Christians we don’t have prayer in schools but classes stop for the Muslims to pray. We have idiots in the NFL that make multi billion dollar contracts because of America but since they are black, they will not stand in honor of the flag or our National Anthem. If it wasn’t for America and all those who fought to keep it free; they would be slaves. They should be fired immediately. If they don’t want to honor America, Ship them to Russia. Let them find out what it is like NOT to be Free.
    It is disgraceful and folks should be boycotting these games until they are fired. Ratings for the TV viewing of these games should be nil too. Our National symbols stand for the freedoms we all enjoy. So many lives have been given so that we are Free.
    the old groups did hyphenate their names to say they were Americans. They represented the nationality so they could work together to better America and help those they could. They could use the old language, customs, at the group meetings. Memories. New immigrants coming over could find folks that could explain and help them. But #1. they were Americans.


  2. We are no longer a country of, by and for the people. We have become a country of, by and for the corporations and special interest. If you do not follow the companies guidelines or go against one of the “protected” class, you might lose your job, or at least be passed over for promotion. I guess I need to get a DNA test and see if I can claim status in one of the “protected groups.” American citizen is no longer a protected class.


  3. I read about these groups in my companies last newsletter and wondered who pays these people for their time to attend these meeting during work days, the stockholders or the ratepayers?


  4. I applauded you for tackling this subject.

    I been subject to reverse discrimination my whole life. I didn’t bother applying for certain civil service jobs because I am white and the courts had those jobs tied up due to affirmative action. I am wrong for being a white male. My white straight male opinions are not politically correct. I must accept that I have harmed other groups since the founding of our country. I must accept others people’s values because mine are wrong. My values and opinions are wrong and they must be changed.

    The latest is class warfare; the rich against the poor, the have vs the have nots. I have denied others a living wage because I did not drop out of school, because I joined the military, then got a job. As far as I know every American child can get a free education, can join the military to learn a trade which can help pay for college and lead to a better paying job.

    Ever notice that the old immigrant clubs are titled with hyphens such as Italian-American, German-American, even Japanese-American Clubs. They wanted to be Americans. Now it is all about which special interest box you can check on the census form so that your special interest can get a good deal from Washington.

    People wonder why Trump won. It is because he is the opposite of the democrat’s vision of every group is special and this group’s rights trample that group’s rights. In four years, we might be worst off but maybe the country will come together as one after that and start doing things for America instead of special groups. But in the meantime, under Trump, I suspect that the call for socialism will die for four years and I hope that maybe people will start seeing what they can do for themselves.

    I read one election report on the electoral college that the difference in the popular vote this election was California. I can’t imagine living in a country were California by population decides everything for middle America or the East coast. The founding fathers ensured everybody got their say by state and then they wanted us to work together not one state or group having say over the rest of us.

    The funny thing about being discriminated as a white male in the late 1970’s early 1980’s was I was forced to take a different route. I found another way to become a fire fighter thanks to the USAF. Because of that I got a job as industrial fire fighter and remained active as a volunteer fire fighter. At 34 I realized that I would never be able to physically do the job into my 50s so I changed career paths and moved into plant operations. I took advantage of educational opportunities that the company provided, I earned my college degree and now I am going to be retired or semi-retired at age 55. For this I thank all those groups that stopped me from applying for a low paid civil service jobs. They can have them, I am better off because I had to work for it instead of being given it.

    It’s no longer E Pluribus Unum and this will be America’s downfall.


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