Half of Obamacare customers cut back on care to manage costs …” 

This from the people who want to push high deductible health plans and the use of Health Savings Accounts which have the purpose of encouraging people to become health care consumers, use less unnecessary health care and the goal of less spending. 

The only way to manage costs is to spend less which mostly means less health care. 


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  1. In my lifetime, I’m now 69, health care has improved greatly. Procedures and surgeries which were either rare or non-existent are now commonplace. The number of drugs available has increased tremendously. Imaging techniques such as MRI, CT-Scans, 3-D mammography, have increased at an amazing rate as well.

    Life spans have increased and many debilitating conditions have decreased in severity.

    All this was possible because money was available. There may be a slow down in the increases in costs, but I believe we as a society will continue to pay more for health care because of future advancements. And it may turn out, if you’re an optimist, that because people are generally healthier, there will be a decrease in the number of people who have debilitating conditions.


  2. Just not so. Most people can impact their utilization, and in turn costs, by managing their own health. The problem isn’t the HSA/HDHP combination, the problem is people don’t believe they should pay anything and, in turn, saving is for other people. So long as idiot democrats and a few republicans continue to try to buy votes by insulating people from the cost of care (free contraceptives anyone?) people won’t save.


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