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Repealing Obamacare⁉️

The best guess now is that Republicans will repeal Obamacare but with a delayed effective date, perhaps two years (because it will take that long to implement a “replacement”).

Is it possible to be any dumber?

What that will do is give Democrats two years to criticize the action and in my opinion assure that Republicans lose control of Congress.

Such a move will also create chaos for insurers, employers, the health care system and individuals. How can anyone plan or invest for the future if the rules are going to change every few years?

rollingeyesRepublicans are misreading Americans and listening to the hard right on a subject it knows nothing about. Go find someone who hates Obamacare and then ask them why. Let me know if you receive a rational answer🤓

Republicans do not understand that health care does not function as other markets do, that people view spending on health care far differently than spending on anything else. If you don’t believe me, bring up the subject of free birth control and you will instantly be labeled a misogynist, trust me on this one.

There is much that needs to be changed with the ACA and much more to be done in health care outside the current law, but disrupting a massive system affecting nearly 325,000,000 people is not the way to go about it. 


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  1. Actually, replace is possible by effectively leveraging existing PPACA provisions – if the Republicans are smart enough to access and leverage the Act.


  2. Well, the prices of the plans have gone up. Employers are ditching the plans to cover their employees or only covering the employees and letting the families go find their own. Some doctors cannot treat you any longer, some plans are gone that were fought for by employees, You can keep your plan if you like it or your doctor if you like them…HA. Cadillac tax on plans employers give that were fought over with strikes, things not covered any longer, Folks have large deductibles so that they can AFFORD the stupid plans. Companies stripping their coverage down so the employee gets stuck with thousands of dollars in bills if they need surgery. I can go on forever with what has happened to folks I know.
    No one will loose coverage while a new plan is worked out, no bailouts will be given of our hard earned tax dollars, Doctors have had to team up with hospitals to afford the care the law states, Horizon and their hospital steps…1-2-3 if the hospital doesn’t pay them payola, they aren’t ranked tops. St. peters for one. They finally paid them to get to the top tier but they have NJ’s top NICU.
    You will be able to cross state lines to get a better policy.


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