Voter Fraud Isn’t Real—But Voter Suppression Is a Grave Danger – Center for American Progress

Voter ID does not automatically mean voter suppression!

There is no voter fraud so there is no reason to improve voter registration or voter ID. Ironically, the political left claims that voter ID requirements suppress votes disproportionately among black and poor Americans, a significant portion of the Democratic base; I guess that grave danger depends on ones point of view. 

The political right sees wide-spread fraud, but as I searched and searched, even their own literature doesn’t present examples beyond small numbers of voters. 

On the other hand, why is it unreasonable to have a valid voter ID system? We have such systems for many vital programs and laws. I need multiple ID sources to renew my drivers liscense, is that discriminatory against the poor? I needed a birth certificate to obtain my Social Security. Even the federal government requires ID for the poor. And yet I walk into a voting place give a name and vote and nobody knows who I am. Does a voter ID law need to be a voter suppression law? 

Source: HHS Website

Lack of massive fraud doesn’t mean there aren’t problems with voting systems and the potential for inaccuracies. 

Inaccurate, Costly, and Inefficient Evidence That America’s Voter Registration System Needs an Upgrade

The facts are clear that voter suppression laws cost a significant number of Americans their voices at the polls this year. Yet many politicians continue to fan the flames of the voter fraud conspiracy, relying on fearmongering by telling Americans that their elections are being overrun by nonexistent fraudulent voters. In doing so, these very same politicians are able to capitalize on the fear created to justify and pass suppressive voting laws that affect election outcomes.

Source: Voter Fraud Isn’t Real—But Voter Suppression Is a Grave Danger – Center for American Progress

The left’s obsession with voter registration and laws may have more to do with maintaining its voter base than with any altruism for the disenfranchised. If you vote for the people who promise you free stuff, you are likely to keep voting for the people who promise you free stuff. 

It seems to me that the primary issue isn’t voter fraud, but  voter qualifications and competence. Even the Founders feared a population unqualified to accurately assess political rhetoric. I guess the left might agree since they believe the deplorables, racists, bigots and misogynists of the Country determined the outcome of the 2016 election🤓


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