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Let’s compare everything Bernie

Bernie Sanders likes to point out all the free stuff in Sweden and the other Nordic countries and favors the socialist approach to a society on the basis that it is fairer. He generally fails to note the other side of that quation: taxes and the cost of living.  If the cost of doing business and supporting the welfare state is too high, so will be the cost of living and thus there is a trade off.  I recall a few years ago having a hamburger and fries in a restaurant in Copenhagen, it cost $18.00 US dollars.

Likewise, proposents of the $15.00 minimum wage point to other countries and say why not?  Australian is a recent example where their higher minimum wage supposedly does not impact the cost of a Big Mac. 

If we want big changes in our society where government, funded by high taxes, provides more and more of that free stuff, it seems to me that we should evaluate the overall true impact. Will the average person be better off paying more taxes coupled with a higher cost of living, less discretionary income and relying on government decisions in major areas of their life? 


What's your opinion on this post? Readers would like your point of view.

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