Trump Transition Team on Health Care. 😷 So far all wrong.

Here is what the Trump team says about health care reform:

It is clear to any objective observer that the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which has resulted in rapidly rising premiums and deductibles, narrow networks, and health insurance, has not been a success. A Trump Administration will work with Congress to repeal the ACA and replace it with a solution that includes Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and returns the historic role in regulating health insurance to the States. The Administration’s goal will be to create a patient-centered healthcare system that promotes choice, quality and affordability with health insurance and healthcare, and take any needed action to alleviate the burdens imposed on American families and businesses by the law.   

To maximize choice and create a dynamic market for health insurance, the Administration will work with Congress to enable people to purchase insurance across state lines. The Administration also will work with both Congress and the States to re-establish high-risk pools – a proven approach to ensuring access to health insurance coverage for individuals who have significant medical expenses and who have not maintained continuous coverage.

imageThis is pure dribble reflecting a total lack of understanding of people, health insurance and health care. 

High-risk pools do nothing except consolidate high costs in a different place. Selling across state lines does nothing; competition among insurance companies is not and never has been the problem. We already know how much trouble the average person has with making choices, this will make it worse. HSAs are a burden on lower-income individuals.

Patient centered, choice, quality and affordability … where have you heard that before⁉️


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  1. Risk pools is a good idea – implemented poorly. We need a national pool with everyone in the pool – for expenses each year in excess of some a attachment point, say $25,000. For those in pool, limit provider charges to Medicare allowable. Each person then responsible for first $25,000 in expense – insurance highly recommended.

    Federal government allows those with income below poverty line up to two years advance premium.

    In terms of HSAs, and coupled HDHP’s, won’t work if people don’t set aside money. However, you have confirmed many times that almost all Americans don’t prioritize health care – preferring a new tattoo, etc. Until people are required to finance the majority of their own coverage, other than catastrophic, they will want others to pay.

    Until people know they can’t pay for health coverage using YOUR money, we won’t solve the issue.

    Finally, regarding the uninsured, remember auto insurance is mandated in all 50 states, but based on historical data, 16 percent, one of every six drivers on the road today will not have insurance in place.


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