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Choice and chance

I’m loath to say this, but I am rapidly gaining more faith in my view that the more choice (and responsibility) you give people the bigger chance you are taking they will not make the right choice. No, no don’t get me wrong I’m not talking about some all powerful me or anyone else knowing the choices people should make, but rather the overall impact of these choices on society. 

The choices I’m referring to are things like saving for retirement, enrolling in health insurance, obtaining an education and any number of other important life choices and what were once responsibilities. 

Is America ready to throw in the towel and just raise taxes and then provide everyone with free health care, retirement income, college, and day care? Is that what Americans want?


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  1. Working with HR benefits at PS for my office, I know they want someone to talk to personally. They don’t want to do things all by themselves. They are afraid of making the wrong choice. You are locked in for an entire year. I learned as much as I could to help my folks out. I had folks from other offices calling for help. They had LOADS of questions. They WANTED ANSWERS. then they sometimes had another one right after that. They do want choices. Everyone has something different. a standard policy may not fit everyone. It seemed that the new people just want everyone to use a computer and figure it out yourself and there were folks without computers.
    some didn’t even know how to sign on. They were not dumb, just wage restricted. they never had the instructions on the PCs. I had to work with several and sit with them to sign in, choose, sign off.
    many didn’t have smart phones, I just got one. I don’t know how to use it all. It seems mgmt. is getting lazy and doesn’t want to help employees anymore. Do it yourself. I don’t want to help.

    There are hundreds that do believe let the government do everything for me. Why work, why pay taxes. I can make more on welfare 45,000 a year in NJ. no taxes either. Give me Give me.
    I hope that is not the way this country is going downhill. We need workers, we need jobs.
    When more take welfare, the government gets bigger and more powerful.
    Folks are afraid to stand up and say something when they think it is wrong. What will happen to me, my family, my friends??? WE have Free speech in this country.
    We have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Folks give up. Freedom is not free.
    Health care in many cases has been fought for by strikes at companies. Folks stood up and fought for the policies. We have so many that say I don’t want to get involved.
    they give up their rights.

    I am for choice in medical plans but there has to be a live person to talk to so you can ask your own questions, not pat ones. That person has to know the plans.


  2. From what I have seen as a volunteer fire fighter is that people want to be lead. Nobody wants to take responsibility for their actions let alone the safety of others. When somebody speaks up, right or wrong, people follow because they are lazy, don’t care, or scared they will make the wrong choice. Easiest thing to do is put the loudmouth in charge. When they realize they are following the wrong person or do not agree they usually just drop out instead of trying to change things. I have seen it happen at the little league and the soccer club too.

    Apply this to benefits and give people too many choices, it will force people into inaction because they do not understand their benefits and are afraid to make the wrong choice so that make no choice. They are too lazy to do the research. Nobody is telling them what to do so they maintain the status quo and do nothing.

    Although to this day I still don’t know if I have made all the right choice to prepare for retirement, I do know that if I did nothing I would still be where I was the day I graduated from high school.

    In the end I think more and more people are finding that if the government will take care of me for this, why not everything. Why should I do anything if the government will do it for me. Somebody else will figure it out. Welcome to the United Nanny States.


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