Don’t trust government with your Social Security money? How about your grandchildren?

Many seniors believe the government stole the Social Security money. It didnt‼️ Many Americans go off the wall at the mention of Social Security money being invested in the stock market (even though that is quite logical). At the same time Elizabeth Warren and Old BS are obsessed with the high interest rate on student loans.

img_0882The average return on the Social Security Treasury Bonds is about three percent although the current return is less.

So here is a way to help solve two problems at once. Have the Social Security Trust invest in student loans and charge a reasonable interest rate of 4-5%

In any case, this would be a small portion of the total trust, but it would increase the trusts revenue and lower the cost of college while benefiting society and the economy…. you trust your grandchildren to meet their obligations don’t you?


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  1. That will not be safe either. Sooner or later the politicians are going to successfully buy votes by forgiving the student loans and then what will the bonds be worth?

    But it is a great idea.


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