Sincere ignorance is very dangerous – it’s seems to be an epidemic when it comes to Social Security 🤑

These people no doubt believe what they say is true. The sad part is they are misinformed and even worse, the organizations promoting their own agenda rarely correct them.

How can we expect politicians to take any risk to tell people the truth or to do the right thing in the face of this kind of ignorance (that can vote against them)?

They stole the money they said so in Facebook😡
They stole the money they said so in Facebook😡
Here’s a clue NOTHING IS PAID FOR BY THE GOVERNMENT and “ILLEGULS” and refugees don’t collect Social Security.

Neither Bush nor any other administration stole SS funds. If all the SS Trust money was returned to the trust because the Treasury Bonds were redeemed, not one thing would change in terms of the solvency of Social Security, not one thing. 

I’ve lost track on how many times I have written on this, but every time I go to Facebook I see the likes of the nonsense illustrated below. How do we come together to solve a problem when so many people don’t even understand it or won’t accept the facts?

For the next two years at least, Republicans will take the heat on this issue and no matter what they do it will be criticized extensively. If they do nothing there will only be thirteen years left before full benefits cannot be paid.

We need to focus on sustainability, not merely relatively short-term solvency. We need to create a system that provides the intended security for current and future generations and which is paid for proportionally by all Americans. 


  1. I wish someone would tell the truth ..Im so confused about what is going on with Social Security..Im 65 ..I had to take SS early due to financial issues..I work PT now but am still living pay to pay..the SS does help..esp with the rent…i read this and that ..and it scares me..they say SS will run out in 2034…and then I read that 2017 is the year..that they are going to reduce SS checks..and raise premiums..its bad enuf that they take what they are now..I could use that money..I dont feel its fair..for those with low incomes…


      1. One problem is the frequency and the quantity of information. Then people repeat the same information without investigating the sources or citing sources. Sooner or later if people hear something enough times and long enough they take it as the truth without even thinking about it.

        Another problem is that journalism doesn’t even exist anymore. I do not think that I have read an online sports story on CNN.COM or USA Today online that doesn’t reprint a Twitter or Facebook post. I expect sport writers to write their own stories not reprint what other people think.

        New Balance and Pepsi are currently having problems with what people post even when it came be proven the statements are not true. A blogger can do great amount of damage.

        I thank the people who write on your blog because they offer cite their source or post the links.


      2. Another problem is the The Sovereign Investor Daily® keep buying ads on various news web site with the headline of The End of Social Security (Leaked Evidence Stumps Obama, Stuns Retirees.) as a “sponsor link”. It doesn’t help unless you want to invest with them in some offshore account.


  2. I’m not sure it is ignorance. I think it is more likely intellectual laziness. It is a whole lot easier to play the victim and blame someone else for your troubles (scapegoating ILLEGULS and falsely claiming theft of funds by congress) than it is to look in the mirror and say “Gee, did I screw up by not saving and investing for my own future instead of relying on what I mistakenly thought Big Brother would do for me.”


    1. Im not blaming illegals..(by the way this is how its spelled)…who i do blame is those politicians..who give themselves raises..and are paid even after they leave me..thats stupid..they are civilians..they need to get jobs just like other civilians..and not be paid for being alive..its bad enuf that they are talking of reducing SS..raising premiiums…this money ismine..i earned it working over 20 years…they need to keep their greedy hands off of it…


      1. I spelled it that way only because I was quoting the Facebook post. Congress did not receive a raise for several years and they DO NOT get paid after they leave office. If they are in office long enough they may receive a pension to which they contribute just like other federal employees.


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