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A message to the student millennials from an old man

If the reports are correct, a college professor canceled a test after the election because his students were too upset over the election to concentrate; several schools have brought in grief counselors; a women called a talk show and said she was loading up on birth control and urged others to do the same because Trump was going to ban the pill. And of course there are the protests and the flurry of left leaning news reports about the KKK, racist bullying, etc.

Get a grip‼️ Grow up or listen to people who have experience in life, you know, like old men. 

If your biggest concern is making sure a bake shop must cater a gay wedding or a person who stands to pee must use the ladies room or the pill must be free, count your blessings. If you are afraid your ability to have your student loans forgiven will be lost, get a grip on reality. And by the way, you are being used and manipulated by the elite left whether you know it or not. 

Let me think, what was I concerned about at age 18? About finding a job after high school; a quest that took six months and resulted in the lowest paying job in a company of 15,000, the lowest. For economic and other reasons college was not an option at that point. 

At 21 I was worried about being drafted into the army or worse marines. At 24 I was worried that my National Guard unit was going to be activated. In May 1968 it was and I was back in the army. That was six weeks after the first date with the women who would become my wife. I was worried she would forget me and move on; she didn’t. Once a week I scrounged eight dollars in change so I could make a phone call to her. I was among the lucky of my friends. They ended up in Vietnam,  some never came back and their names are in the Wall. I stayed in Alabama. 

At 26 I started college; first community college and then a state school; nine years at night and weekends during which I barely saw my children. It was mostly paid for by the veterans benefits I earned. 

At 27 we bought our first, very modest house; a house we could afford on my income alone, it was already seventy years old at the time and our mortgage rate was 9-1/2% … now there’s something worth protesting. 

So, students of today, how bad do you really have it? 

If you want to make life better for society, to help the less fortunate, get the hell back to class, stop wasting time in college protesting whose name is on a building or a Halloween costume. Finish school in four years or sooner. Become an engineer, scientist, or any STEM related field. Create a new industry, cure illness, improve the environment, create jobs, find ways to feed more people and stimulate the economy. You will never, ever, eliminate racism, bigotry or prejudice, but you can help create an environment where those things are far less appealing to normal human beings. 

Find a way for people to take responsibility starting with yourself. More government entitlement programs don’t cure anything, they are bandaids and create dependency. 

If you want to make a difference, focus on what you can do to make every welfare program we have unnecessary

There’s the bell, get back to class and be thankful you have that opportunity. 


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  1. Thank you Dick, Now you sound like the Man I knew and Liked so much at Work. I agree. Get a life. Grow up. and for those kids in Grammar school thru High school, wow a job your parents did on you. shame on them. We know there are paid protesters in those riots and marches that are being held. They were the same ones at the rallies and conventions. Then they rile everyone else up in frenzies. I agree with the person who said who and when were JFK’s words changed around.
    Now Social Security is paid for by the American people who pay their FICA taxes in their paycheck and matched dollar for dollar by their employer. That is not Welfare. We paid that in good faith that the government would take care of the current generation and invest wisely the money left over for the next generation and some of that was at 17% interest rates. Yes, I was working with you at that time Dick. MY IRA started out at 10% for several years at the bank. We know LBJ moved it into his general budget to make his budget LOOK balanced after his Viet Nam war chest.
    But we also know that Congress has been dipping into that fund. So we the people do ask What did you do with our money? We all worked many years for that. Me, 46 years, 9 months 22 days.
    I am not a veteran, but I have worked for children’s health at the March of Dimes, Helped with the food bank in Several locations, helped with toys for kids, tools for schools, Operation Shoebox, etc.
    Head start programs. I wish all these protesters would put their energy towards some of these programs. With all the time on their hands and all the energy they are putting forth on these marches and riots; think of all the good they could be doing for their fellow man, woman and child.
    Every one of them could bring one can or box of food to the food banks.
    This man paid for most of his own campaign. the press did the rest of the job. He is an American and a Christian. Let the first stone be thrown by an absolute perfect person.
    I don’t think there is one alive today. Everyone has some bias. One example I was taught years ago was when you go food shopping; choosing an apple for instance. Do you pick the one with brown spots, nicks all over it, soft and mushy, maybe a worm in it????? Then if you don’t you are biased in picking the most perfect one. No one is perfect.


    • Diane. You are mistaken about Social Security. The funding is not a all as you may think. Take a look at the Social Security section on my blog and you will find detailed explanations of how it works.


  2. It is impossible for them to comprehend what happened, in this age of everyone receiving a trophy. They do not have a feeling for winners/losers, and they were raised to believe that everyone needs to have a safe place, and not listen to bad remarks, or other opinions. I shutter to think that one day they will have a nervous breakdown when their Boss tells them THERE IS NO RAISE. I shutter at the thought they will one day be parents and continue this whiny crybaby attitude. There were even therapy dogs sent to the white house. Please get a grip and stop being baby’s.


  3. While everyone has the right to express their opinions, we definitely need to move on now that the election is done and over. It couldn’t just get any more democratic with the election process than here in the United States.


  4. This should be required reading for every high school and college student. The snowflakes that are out there protesting should be required to memorize it.


  5. When exactly did John F. Kennedy’s words get changed from “ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country” to “don’t ask what you can do for your country – ask what your county is going to do for you”??

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