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All For One, One For One … especially if you are a Senior Or A Retired Public Servant🙄

We pass laws, we set up programs and yet when they don’t deliver what we expect, we seek to ignore them. In this case what Congress did in 2015 sets in motion a domino effect delaying the necessary premium increase for Medicare so that playing catch up will take years. But here we have a call to do it again making the problem worse. 

“Shield people?” “Unintended consequences?” Congress knew exactly what it was doing when the hold harmless provision was put into effect … for some Medicare beneficiaries😕

So, we should extend hold harmless to all beneficiaries? Hey, I’m for that‼️ But wait, who is to pick up the rising Medicare costs that are no longer in the premiums we pay?

Do we care⁉️

🔹🔹🔹 We are deeply concerned by the projected Part B premium and deductible increases, most notably for current and newly eligible beneficiaries living on low and fixed incomes. In 2014, half of the Medicare population lived on annual incomes of $24,150 or less.5 Newly enrolled Medicare beneficiaries, those not collecting Social Security benefits—many of whom are retired public servants—and state Medicaid programs should not be expected to carry the burden of paying for increased costs in Part B through higher premiums and cost sharing.

For those reasons, we urge you to advance a solution that will significantly lessen the projected Part B premium and deductible increases in 2017. Notably, we support an extension of the solutions included in the 2015 BBA. We also support extending the protections of the hold harmless provision to all beneficiaries.

As it did in 2015, Congress should make it a priority to shield people with Medicare from the unintended consequences resulting from the application of the hold harmless provision. No beneficiary should be forced to pay more than they otherwise would simply because some beneficiaries are afforded critical protections against reductions in their Social Security checks.

We urge Congress to act accordingly and swiftly following the announcement of the 2017 COLA. The longer Congress delays, the more uncertainty for our nation’s retirees, people with disabilities, and their families who are counting on you. 

Thank you.



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  1. I have seen the charts that show many people in retirement have incomes and assets that were dreamed about just one generation before them. . When I start SS benefits ($13,500 a year) at 62 in 13 months I will have annual income of $35,000, more than I had during my working years. Even with inflation factored in, I will be living with more disposable income and buying power in retirement than at any other time in my life. I will be proud to pay any and all Medicare premiums, co-pays and increases. Retirees need to stop all the winy crap and pay their way. And thank GOD they are not in their 20’s having to start over in today’s economy.


    • Interesting observation and true for many, but keep in mind that 40% or so of those on SS are living on a total income of roughly that $13,000. Why is the question.


  2. I feel that the government officials need to fix Social Security once and for all..I like this post..those who put into the system..from years and years of working need to be protected against suggested hikes in premium and deductibles..the government needs to keep its greedy hands off what is rightfully mine..ive worked years to be able to have these funds..What about that “bonus” that was given from SS..a few years back..it came at a time when truly needed..instead of the COLA…?? I mean fi they could issued a one time bonus…then it would be welcome..instead of a pitiful increase in COLA…..


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