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Ducks in the window 

If you are looking for a fun and unique gift, a stocking stuffer or just a for nothing special treat for someone, this store may be the place to look. 

I have no interest in it whatsoever, I just think it’s a fun place. Rubber duckies of every size from tiny to terrific; named and in any form imaginable for any event or occasion. 

Here is their website:



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  1. Love the ducks in the window, however, you can buy rubber duckies for $1.00 in the dollar store and DIY to save money but what a great idea! especially as a placecard for everyone to comment on at your special dinners and to take home afterwards to accompany you in the bath! I love rubber duckies they seem to make everyone laugh and bring back childhood memories!! (If you don’t use it yourself, you can give it to your grandchild!!)


    • You’re right but believe me these are far better than what you can do yourself. They are not just painted, but shaped and molded for holidays, special events, etc


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