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Why the political left can’t solve problems

Why? Because they focus on the symptoms and then craft empathetic sounding populist “solutions” that don’t work in the long-term and often have undesirable consequences. They do something else, they make citizens more dependent  on government and less inclined to take action in their own, they minimize the consequences of personal decisions and they shift the financial burden to others either through direct taxation or higher prices.

Here is my crude attempt to illustrate that with some of today’s headline issues. Yes, there is more to each issue, but this is the essence of it. You can’t solve complicated problems with simple sounding fixes …. unless you are running for office or want to keep power. 


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  1. I heard on Market Place on NPR yesterday that colleges are not allow as in its against the law not allowed to discourage college loans after the initial application. They interviewed someone who was $78K in debt and is on an income back-pay program. His degree was in trombone performance and needless to say has not paid anything in three years. The government does not want to scare away people from finishing their degree because they can’t afford college or can’t get a grant. Is it no wonder that tuition keeps rising? It is a blank check. Solution “free college” when they start forgiving debt.


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