A quick answer; why we can’t resolve the problems facing America

Here is an excellent example:

Hillary Clinton has reached out to younger voters and parents with a plan to allow most Americans to attend state colleges tuition-free, arguing it would remove one of the fastest-growing costs for households while boosting the nation’s workforce.

But a growing chorus of policy experts, economists and some college officials say the plan would deliver hundreds of billions of additional dollars to schools with no guarantee that they spend it wisely and keep costs in check. New York Federal Reserve research shows that increases in federal grants and loans to students in recent years have led schools to raise tuition rather than cut costs.

Others say there are bigger problems facing higher education than student debt, including high dropout rates and a lack of thought among students and educators about which programs might help them succeed given the economy’s needs. Wall Street Journal 10-26-16


  1. When there is guaranteed money from the government, prices rise and there is over demand caused by everybody wanting their share of free money. The number of business or suppliers grow to meet the demand and to get their fair share of the free money too. Think housing, college education, and healthcare. Get rid of the guaranteed money and market forces will cause prices to drop to what people can afford and the number of businesses to shrink to meet the demand. In the case of a college education maybe it will put value back into a basic BA degree instead of everybody having one you have to get an MBA to work as burger manager.

    Government healthcare should be funding research to provide cures for commutable diseases and then own the rights to vaccines. The cost savings and risks to the public for something like polio had a large impact. Paying for Viagra provides no public health benefit like preventing a small pox outbreak.

    Throwing money at he problem is the problem with government and until they stop we will never solve problems in Washington. I am not a Tea party person but why build a bridge if you are not willing to maintain it. It stead the government will just build a new bridge a mile away so somebody can get a bridge named after themselves.


  2. If a college education is so great, why are 52% of the 2014 graduates working in jobs that do not require a degree? The problem with many things that the government pays for, is the product is not needed in the first place or if it was not paid for in part by the government, most people would not buy it. .


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