“Health Care Deserves More Attention on the Campaign Trail” – The New York Times. It deserves real attention by people who tell Americans the truth

Amazingly the political left has concluded that there is something wrong with health care. Their dreams for Obamacare have been dashed, but no one admits that.

The facts are clear; the Affordable Care Act helped millions of Americans obtain coverage, but directly and indirectly made health care less affordable for most Americans. The rhetoric mislead Americans by implying that premiums and not underlying costs are the problem.

Boy, is this the wrong prescription
Boy, is this the wrong prescription

ACA did nothing to address the fundamental problems of the system including: lack of coordination, lack of fully integrated patient information systems, the payment methodologies as they apply to patient and provider, prescription drug advertising and the drug approval process among others including the unrealistic (unaffordable) expectations of American patients.

Even now the solutions being proposed are off point. Clinton wants to give a new $5,000 tax credit, others want to mandate only fixed co-pays for prescription drugs and then there is allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices and a new public option for the ACA; none of which address the problem of health care costs.

The reaction to opening a medical bill these days is often shock and confusion — for the insured and the uninsured. Prices and deductibles keep rising, policies are drowning in fine print, and doctors are jumping on and off networks. So why hasn’t the growing burden of health care gotten more attention in the presidential campaign?

Source: Health Care Deserves More Attention on the Campaign Trail – The New York Times

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  1. Any issue of substance deserved more attention with real solutions on the campaign trail. What we got were two scarily clowns spreading hate and fear. But on the bright side, SNL got some good material.


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