HHS is on a mission… enroll in Obamacare; cost is not your problem

The Obama administration is campaigning to increase enrollment via Obamacare, especially among the younger healthier population in an effort to mitigate the adverse selection that is driving higher (than promised) premiums. 

As the Wall Street Journal states:

The mes­sages will note that fi­nan­cial assistance will en­able most con­sumers who buy cov­er­age on the ex­change to purchase a plan with a monthly pre­mium between $50 and $100. Sub­si­dies blunt the im­pact of higher pre­miums for many con­sumers on the ex­changes.

While subsidies may blunt the impact of higher premiums for consumers, they don’t do much to blunt higher costs for taxpayers. Because Obamacare has not controlled and never could control, let alone reduce health care costs, we have in place another success sounding, reality failed entitlement program that will continue to grow in cost unabated. 

Premiums should not have been the focus of any of this affordability, but rather the health care system that drives premiums is the real issue. But, of course, that would have been an inconvenient message and would not have allowed politicians to scapegoat insurance companies that most Americans believe are the culprits. 🤓

Nobody ever asked, how will health care be made more affordable, how will lower premiums actually be achieved?


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