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How does one get a Heritage Month🙄


Hey, who do you have to know? Oh wait, I do have Older American Month; Whoopee‼️

If I were a gay, disabled, Jewish, Latino or Italian American woman, I’m covered.

However, as an Irish, Swedish, German, English, Protestant American whose family has been in this Country since at least 1840, and whose great, great-grandfather fought in the Civil War, I’m out of luck. As far as the in-people are concerned I guess I have no heritage.

How does this stuff happen and why? How do we decide which groups need special recognition?  Can I become politically correct?


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  1. I vote you start your own not-for-profit on-line magazine. You can accept “charitable donations” – then you can decide on diversity recognition. Remember to be diverse in your selections, and unlike the current magazine, do’t be nativist or nationalist – so, if I had a vote, you might start with descendants of the indigenous people of Mongolia – the Xiongnu. See if you can find her.


  2. Oh! Come on Dick, don’t feel left out. Look at May. There you are…. “older Americans”… stuffed in between Asian Americans and Jewish Americans. There are plenty of months for all of us hyphenated-Americans. LOL


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