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Social Security crisis is a myth – OMG

No wonder Americans are confused and seniors believe Congress stole the Social Security Trust money. We have fools and short-sighted “advocates” running about spreading misinformation and creating a false sense of security while ignoring the facts.

If Social Security were a private pension system, the PBGC would be shutting it down.

Let’s say you have a pension from your old employer where you worked for many years. Tomorrow you receive a letter telling you that because of funding problems, beginning January 2034 your monthly pension will be reduced by 25%. Crisis? Problem? Do you want the company to fix it?  Those guy doesn’t think so.

imageAll across the Country state pension funds are in trouble and public unions are running ads about their earned benefits and broken promises and they are still receiving full benefits. That’s a crisis, but a federal program affecting virtually every American that is underfunded, creating trillions is liabilities and shortly unable to pay full benefits is “no problem?”

The state of Social Security is no myth. However, it can and should be fixed. In fact, a combination of several different relatively modest changes not involving benefit cuts will do the job.

Organizations like this do not help because some Americans believe their lies and make it harder for Congress to do the right thing.

imageFair share, again with the fair share. It’s nauseating. Those people supposedly not paying their fair share are now expected to save Social Security, improve Social Security, reduce student loan interest, pay for your college and child care while also subsiding Obamacare. Sounds fair to me.

I have to give the left credit though, they picked some goods words to get the uninformed riled up.


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  1. What will likely occur is that Social Security will be fixed (invisible quotation marks) by increasing the SS payroll tax significantly and increasing the retirement age. As the looming crisis finally penetrates the electorate, it will be too late in the game to allow for more moderate measures. As divided government has become the standard, the occupier of the White House, likely a Democrat, and the majority in Congress, likely Republican, will drag their heals up to the edge of the cliff. They will then take credit for not falling off.


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