Let’s just raise the Social Security payroll tax to 10% and be done with it🙄

While 43 percent of respondents in a relationship say their main retirement savings vehicle is a 401(k) plan, 31 percent are using a savings account instead, despite pitifully low interest rates—thus forgoing the tax breaks and other potential advantages of a 401(k) to grow their savings.

The same holds true for IRAs; just 25 percent are using an IRA, compared to that 31 percent using savings accounts.

Source:  BenefitsPro

Do Americans have the determination, commitment, knowledge or plain common sense to save, invest and plan for the future? I’m starting to have my doubts.

It appears that in all too many cases, most I would say, if the employer or government doesn’t do it, it doesn’t get done.

I’m not sure how I got here and I don’t don’t know where I’m going

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