Soaring Student Debt Prompts Calls for Relief-government to subsidize tattoos when emotional need can be demonstrated🙄

Is there anything we do, any decisions we make that remain the individuals responsibility? Health care spending, having a baby (or not), lifestyle habits, college and even saving for retirement are all off the table with no doubt more to come.

Having been born in 1943, married in 1968, being in the army in 1968-69 and raising children in the 70s, 80s and early 90s it’s a wonder I am not homeless eating restaurant garbage. How did my generation and before ever survive without other taxpayers paying our way and government making decisions for us?

I realize many Americans long for more socialism, but whether you agree with that or not, how did we as a society come to the point where we can’t take responsibility, where our favorite pastime is finding a scapegoat, blaming others and seeking relief from the consequences of our own actions? Are we heading to the point where we simply turn 50% or more of our income over to government and let the likes of Sanders, Warren, Ryan, Trump and the rest decide how we live. 

Isn’t the message from our leaders pretty clear; we are a nation of lazy, incompetent boobs who desperately need direction from the elite who know better what we need and how we should obtain it. 🤓

A tripling of student debt over the past decade to more than $1.3 trillion has unleashed a torrent of Washington lobbying from outside the education sector, with various industries describing a “crisis” requiring federal intervention.

Source: Soaring Student Debt Prompts Calls for Relief – WSJ

Fed­eral fig­ures show most peo­ple in de­fault on stu­dent debt owe rel­atively lit­tle—under $10,000—be­cause they dropped out of school. They tend to work in low-pay­ing jobs or are un­employed. Among all Amer­icans be­tween 20 and 30 with stu­dent loans, the typ­i­cal borrower pays $203 a month to­ward the debt, re­search from the Fed­eral Re­serve Bank of Cleve­land shows.

I think we need a course in high school for students and parents; “A common sense understanding of college costs, cost-benefit analysis and long-term consequences.” And we need to address the real problem WHY does college cost so much?


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  1. Furthermore, as a senior citizen I demand that Medicare and all insurance companies be compelled to provide coverage for tattoo removal services, with no co-payment required. It’s embarrassing to have the names of my children, to whom I owe child support payments, on my hands. Furthermore the names of my ex-wives, who are currently suing me for alimony, are on my back. I have the right to get them off my back!

    As for the tattoo on my backside that says, Government, Kiss This. That can stay.


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