If you want to know what’s wrong with (health care in) America, here it is‼️

Against a growing outcry over the surging price of EpiPens, a chorus of prominent voices has emerged with a smart-sounding solution: Add the EpiPen, the lifesaving allergy treatment, to a federal list of preventive medical services, a move that would eliminate the out-of-pocket costs of the product for millions of families — and mute the protests. New York Times 9-16-16

Smart⁉️ I had to read this twice to believe what I saw. 

First women of any fiscal means could not afford $30 +- a month for the pill and now families can’t afford $10 a week (usually less) to protect an allergic child. [I am, at this minute, looking at 25, no 27 people half of them women standing in line to pay $3.00 or more for their daily coffee, mochachino, latte, etc. something most do every day😱]

Oh I get it, there is not one American with any money for health care, everyone in America is poor, every dollar we are expected to spend on our health is unaffordable. 

Aside from the absurdity of all this there is the encouragement of higher prices because nobody will care … somebody else is paying for everything. 

And then there is this from, where else, California. 

The legislation, by Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) and six colleagues, would limit a patient’s financial obligation to no more than what he would have owed if the provider had been in-network.

What do you think this will do to the structure of health plans? Yes, it’s a problem if the patient does not know the doctor is out of network, but this is not the way to fix it. There will be no reason for patients to stay in network. This blows any efforts at care coordination and inhibits the insurers ability to negotiate provider contracts. 

Forget the health care issue, the critical issue is a society that as every day passes thinks it’s entitled to something free, a society that embraces politicians promising somebody else not paying their fair share will take care of them. A society constantly looking for the easy solution, for a handout. 

This is not the America I grew up in or that grew to become the greatest country in history. 


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