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Politicians and their ardent supporters are children 

Billie, why did you throw that stone at the window and break it? Gee, Johnny did it so why can’t I? If Johnny jumped off a bridge would you do the same? Two wrongs don’t make a right.

That’s they way we used to think. Not so anymore.

Hillary violates common sense and maybe the law with her private e-mail server and what do we hear? Colin Powell had a private e-mail address and George Bush’s administration lost millions of e-mails.

Talk about the growth in the National debt under Obama and you hear that Bush increased the debt with two wars or maybe you hear Republicans passed Medicare Part D without funding it.

imageTrump filed for several bankruptcies which proves Hillary who never created any jobs in any sense has what, a better understanding of the economy. At the same time her history of questionable business or government dealings going back to Arkansas is irrelevant.

Unless you are a child looking to rationalize your behavior, what does what Powell did have anything to do with Clinton? Worst case they are both wrong. Best case they are not comparable situations.

Same goes for the debt. Did what Bush did give clearance or an excuse for  Obama to do the same? Actually during the Bush full eight years the debt increased less than during Obama’s seven and a half years, but that’s irrelevant too is it not?

Hey, I’m not a Trump supporter and the guy scares me, but if the way he does business or how much he makes money is relevant in any way to Clinton, then isn’t the way the Clintons became multimillionaires and all their business dealings equally relevant? If Trump can be a bum, is that an excuse for Clinton?

I can understand not liking Trump or what he stands for. I can understand liking the policy ideas of Clinton, but I sure can’t understand the adoration some people have for Clinton which must require ignorance of or simply ignoring her decades old track record.

Let’s face it I cannot comprehend the adoration of any politician (including Trump) that gets people to jump like clowns at a rally, wear silly hats or carry a sign … or share garbage on Facebook.

Americans act like children who complain about an unfair test, but see no connection to their failure to study for it.

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