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PK Net Worth; good thing he’s only an economist😉

imageHis Nobel prize was $1.4 million eight years ago. He earned a large salary at Princeton while also working for the New York Times. He has retired from Princeton. He has written over twenty books, hundreds of articles and holds several different positions at various institutions. He was paid handsomely for speeches. He is now paid $225,000 a year for a part-time job at CUNY while still employed by the NYT.

The Zillow Home Value Index for Princeton, NJ where Krugman lives is $582,800 and the median listing price is $661,000.

Everything I can find says he has a net worth of $2.5 million. No wonder he hates the 0.01%

Assuming that’s a reasonably accurate estimate, how does one do all that; earn all that money and at age 63 have a net worth of only $2.5 million? It must be a economist thing.

Who knows, perhaps he and Bernie Sander’s use the same financial advisor 😜 I wonder if he started collecting Social Security at age 62?

On the other hand … 

Via The Motley Fool


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  1. Economist and weather forecasters are the only people I know who can make a living being wrong all the time. They are also good at telling you what happen yesterday like if you didn’t already know because you are too broke to pay the kid to shovel the non-snow event storm.

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