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Instead of raising prices, restaurants add a 3% “employee benefits surcharge” to the bill

It’s an idea that’s gaining traction on the West Coast, say Ray and Juell Roberts, owners of the Peoples Organic chain of natural foods restaurants.…

Source: Instead of raising prices, Peoples Organic charges a 3% “employee benefits surcharge” but will customers go for it? | City Pages

Not from my wallet

Not from my wallet

In order to cope with a higher $15.00 minimum wage and Obamacare mandates some restaurants, mostly in California and specifically San Francisco, are putting a 3-4% surcharge on the customers bill rather than merely raising prices.

Not surprisingly, some patrons object and some “get even” by subtracting the amount from the tip (now there are some real morons in my opinion).

I guess it’s easier to accept (and vote for) the reality of government policies if you don’t actually know the true cost.


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  1. I’ll eat somewhere else.

    Actually, We ate out on Saturday at a modest, chain restaurant that does a great job with fish. We were at the table about 45 minutes. The server, quite nice, came by four times in total, for less than 6 minutes. Assuming the chef spent 10 minutes on our two meals – cedar planked salmon with bacon-mashed potatoes and broccoli, and blackened tilapia over rice pilaf – with a wedge salad. Water and decaf for one.

    Assuming the waitress is to earn double the minimum wage, say $30 an hour, and assuming the chef earns 2 times as much, we owe $3 for waitress and $10 for chef or $13. Add $10 for ingredients and $5 for overhead – $28 total – we spent $30.

    No matter what the want, that is what I am willing to pay next time too. Else, if that ain’t enough, there are alternatives – outside of San Francisco too.


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