US Senators: experts on health care …

The senators (1) wrote,

“We are particularly troubled that Aetna’s decision to leave the ACA exchanges appears to have been motivated by the Justice Department’s decision to challenge Aetna’s proposed $37 billion merger with Humana — a deal that the Justice Department and many experts predicted would harm competition in the health insurance market and negatively impact the cost and quality of health care. Aetna could not have been surprised at the concerns raised by regulators about this merger.”

(1) Who else but Warren, Sanders, Brown, Markey, Nelson)

Okay Senators, explain exactly how this would or could happen;  “negatively impact the cost and quality of health care.” 

In fact, a larger company would have greater leverage to negotiate (force) lower fees – much like is claimed as an advantage for a government run plan. 

A large private company would exercise more management of claims and their cost. Unlike Medicare.

How any insurance company negatively impacts the quality of health care remains a mystery … unless you assume a lack of integrity by providers and patients who don’t see any reason to pay for health care under any circumstances. 

As far as the concern over premiums go, they are regulated in every state. Granted that such a large organization if it was the sole insurer in an area, would attempt to maximize income, but the law already provides that at least 80% of premium must be spent on health care claims.  

And while we are on the topic of competition, the “experts” also said that consumer-run, non-profit co-ops would provide competition while lowering costs and improving quality 😁👎🏼


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  1. Remember most people have to pay for advisers to talk to them. But in order to be an adviser to a US Senator, you have to pay them before they will listen to you. You know the line money talks and BS walks.


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