Observations on life

The Fortune Cookie 

I opened a fortune cookie recently and found the following inside:

Theories get you thinking, sweat gets you results. 

I think that perfectly describes the left and right political spectrums. The dreamers on the left and the doers on the right. Neither can get anywhere without the other, but neither seems to know that. 

In theory the world can be a happy place for everyone. In reality, sweat equity is required to get most people where they want to be.

Still, the left does not trust individuals and rather believes government should do more and more for people while requiring less individual effort. If that were not true, we would simply give the poor cash to spend on things lifting them from poverty. Instead we give them stuff; programs run by somebody else with somebody else making the rules. Thus the poor are constantly made dependent on the political class. 


Categories: Observations on life

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