People are dying because they can’t pay for prescriptions ‼️

Really? Maybe instead of forcing plans to pay for free contraception, we should have spent that money more wisely.

“Literally” who is that literally? The poor who have Medicaid, the old who have Medicare, the tens of millions who have employer-based coverage or the tens of millions who have an exchange plan or maybe the millions more who simply chose not to buy coverage.

If you have a high deductible plan, any health care expense before your deductible is met is a burden or should I say unaffordable?  In fact, it’s no more of a burden than a surprise brake job or fixing a leaky roof. 

With a HDHP the full cost of discounted prescriptions are your responsibility until your deductible is met. However, there is a trade off in premiums which you don’t see in the press or from the likes of old BS. Look at this example from a corporate benefits plan with a $4,000 family deductible.  The monthly premium savings for a family is $252 or $3024 a year and they can leverage, at taxpayer expense, a health savings account as well. (This employer also contributes $500 a year to the HSA). In other words the typical family will be ahead of the game because of premium savings. There are, of course, employers and private plans with higher deductibles. 

Politicians never complete the equation. What you can or cannot afford is based on your priorities and your outlook. I was in a mall today just walking around and observing. Curiously I picked up a ladies hand bag. It was $550 … are you kidding me? I would never spend that and neither would my wife, yet by all economic measures we could afford it. Then to add insult to injury there is a new fad. Something to buy of absolutely no value but what some people believe they need, affordable or not. Take a look.

No it’s not the pocketbook (I won’t insult you by reavealing it’s price), but rather the bobble hanging from it, an accessory if you will. I don’t  know what this one costs, but I can tell you a similar whatyoumacallit at a low-end store was $55. Do you think any individual who cannot “afford” their prescriptions might buy one of these? You bet your bippy they will … it’s not health care 😷🤑


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  1. Long ago, the “experts” said that you should have an emergency fund of three to six months of living expenses. How obvious that seems in our post Great Recession world.

    I propose a new rule – that you should ALSO have saved an amount (in your HSA if available) equal to your out of pocket maximum.

    Fail either requirement means your savings and spendlng priorities are less than optimal. Not saying it should be some form of federal mandate, a la PPACA, just that you’ll enjoy life more knowing you are prepared.


    • You are an optimist aren’t you. I was just sitting at a Starbucks and out of curiosity counted the visitors every five minutes and then looked up average daily spend per visit. Well the HSA goal and paying for a set of EpiPens could be achieved easily with this trade off.


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