Social Security

Holy crap‼️ Nobody stole your Social Security money‼️

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    Tell the truth

    I can’t take it any more‼️


Why are people, in this case seniors, so gullible? Why do they not take a few minutes to check the facts before passing along inaccurate and outright false information⁉️

😡 Nobody stole The Social Security money‼️

😡 The Social Security Trust holds nearly three trillion dollars in Treasury Bonds, about as secure an investment as it is possible to have, just like US Savings bonds you may have bought‼️

😡 Yes, members of Congress do pay Social Security taxes‼️And they don’t get their pay for life  They may receive a pension based on service and they contribute to that pension‼️

😡 The US Treasury pays the Social Security Trust nearly $100 billion a year in interest on the Special Bonds that the Trust holds‼️ Where else would you have the trust invested to pay interest with a guarantee of principal ?

😡 Illegal aliens cannot collect Social Security benefits (even though they often pay the payroll taxes)‼️



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  1. The average American, sad to say, knows little about most economic, political and social realities. The lack of knowledge about Social Security is no exception.

    Naturally, politicians on both sides do not seem to mind this situation at all. Given 5 minutes and 5 or 6 graphs and charts, a politician could explain the situation Social Security is in. It’s actually been done in Congressional testimony several times, but who watches C-SPAN?

    The average American seems to have very limited patience for much beyond political slogans.

    On the other hand, Americans seem to have a near endless appetite for Sports Talk programs. ESPN fills out much of the day Americans could spend learning about such things like Social Security.

    The harsh reality of fiscal arithmetic will catch up to the Social Security program sooner rather than later, probably within 10 years. Americans will then start pointing fingers, wondering how “Those People” let it happen.


  2. Trust funds nothing more than a bunch of IOU’s from future taxpayers, subject to arbitrary adjustment to your benefits (entitlement, not contract) by Congress. When your 64, who ya gonna call if they renig on the offer?


    • I think it’s a bit more than just IOUs unless you consider all debt of the US government just IOUs. Are my Savings Bonds still paying me about 3% only IOUs that I should worry about the Treasury reneging on?

      People use the myth of stolen money for political gain when every president since enactment has used the money the same way.


      • Yes. At $20 Trillion in debt, plus $100+ Trillion in long term unfunded liability, yes you should be concerned – at least for your kids, grandchildren.


  3. To reinforce these lies, scammers are taking advantage of senior citizens. Online USA Today has an article about scammers mailing you a form letter asking for $16.45 to help fight against Washington on doing away with their Social Security benefits.

    $16.45 is about one year dues for AARP, so it is reasonable.

    Everybody knows the people in Washington do no good. If you give money to other causes why not donate?

    You heard about some politicians talk about Social Security either directly on the news (but did you listen) or sent to you in emails and other Internet crap so you believe the mailing.

    By the way, the world is still flat. I read it on the Internet and I never walk up hill so the world can’t be round.


    • I remember my father telling me in 1932 that our national debt would ruin my generation. The Democratic policy 0f running up national debt would lead to ruination of the nation. Lo and behold my generation enjoyed the greatest standard of living in US history.


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