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Early retirement… maybe not such a good idea šŸ¤“

PlanĀ­ning to reĀ­tire in the next few years? Please reĀ­conĀ­sider: The econĀ­omy needs you more than you know.

This all adds to the urĀ­gency of overĀ­haulĀ­ing both the priĀ­vate and pubĀ­lic penĀ­sion systems to enĀ­courĀ­age later reĀ­tirement, by shiftĀ­ing benĀ­eĀ­fits to faĀ­vor later reĀ­tireĀ­ment and reĀ­ducĀ­ing tax penalties on earnĀ­ings for those who are alĀ­ready collecting SoĀ­cial SeĀ­cuĀ­rity. The payĀ­off: a more solĀ­vent penĀ­sion sysĀ­tem and a more proĀ­ducĀ­tive economy.

Retirements Seen Depriving Firms of Experience By Greg Ip Wall Street Journal 8-4-16

imageAt the same time the political left seeks to make it easier to retire. Does anyone actually have a long- term plan for all this? This is all the fault of the health care system you know? If we didn’t live so long none Ā of this would be a problem.


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  1. I plan to live a long time, but technically, I am retired already. I am a stay-home mom and a homeschooling mom. I do not think a oerson should decide when to retire based upon the economy. They should decide based on their health, what they want to do with life and how much money they have (their own economy).


  2. Remember the saying,” I should live so long” ? Now, as you say, we are.

    But the retirement of the baby boomers, early or otherwise, will provide a wave of great opportunities for the following generation and those after them. The boomers, born from ’46 to ’64, are turning 65 at a 10,000 per day clip.

    The generation of my four adult children, now in their early 30’s to early 40’s, will have better job and career choices in the next 15 years than any generation since the 1950’s.

    We are now five years into the cycle of boomers hitting 65. And the cycle will not be done until 2029.

    Of course, there are many related and unrelated cultural and economic problems that make a bright future more than a little dubious. But the exit stage left of the boomers is, on balance, I believe one of the bright spots.


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