If Obamacare was truly working …

😷Premium increases would be modest and in line with general inflation.

😷People enrolling with pre-existing conditions would not exist because there would be no such people as we enter the fourth open enrollment period.

😷Insurers would not be reducing participation because they were suffering from adverse selection caused by individuals who suffer no consequence for late enrollment or enrollment upon the need for health insurance. 

In other words, how can we expect a system to work that ignores all the sound underwriting principles of insurance while insulating the insured from much of the consequences?  No insurance can successfully operate this way, not auto insurance, property insurance, or life insurance and as we now know and should have known, not health insurance. 

The problem of course, is that we cannot accept that health insurance is actually insurance and that is because we are told health care is a right and even more important we don’t think we should spend any of our money on health care so we expect our insurance not to act like insurance, but instead to pay every health care related expense we incur. 


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  1. I would say that Obamacare is working perfectly. It was designed to fail. It’s failure will almost certainly lead to some form of single payer healthcare.


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