Democratic Platform on Health Care – an insult to common sense Part II

As part of that guarantee, Americans should be able to access public coverage through a public option, and those over 55 should be able to opt in to Medicare. Democrats will empower the states, which are the true laboratories of democracy, to use innovation waivers under the ACA to develop unique locally tailored approaches to health coverage. This will include removing barriers to states which seek to experiment with plans to ensure universal health care to every person in their state. 

Confusion reigns or will surely be created.  So, we have Obamacare with its many options within options; in my zip code there are fifty-five plans available according to 

I guarantee you that very few people can or are willing to evaluate those plans and choose wisely. 

The Democrats don’t see that as adequate so they want a public option under the naive assumption that a government-run plan can provide the same benefits cheaper and more efficiently… just like Medicare.🤔  

In addition, they propose to allow Americans over age 55 to actually enroll in Medicare. That pricing and benefit structure should be interesting. 

All that is not enough so they want to allow the fifty states to experiment thus adding complexity and confusion upon complexity and confusion. State governments mind you, the same people who can’t manage the benefits for their government employees and who have, in many cases, placed their state is fiscal jeopardy through mismanaging pensions and health care for public workers. 

They are willing to turn health care over to transient state politicians and bureaucrats. 

Imagine the outcome when states fail to fund or juggle actuarial projections or artificially keep premiums low for a time or finally figure out, as a few already have, that universal coverage is not affordable. 

So, here I sit with the prospect of 55 Obamacare plans, a new public option, plus Medicare before age 65 or something else from my state telling me I can’t have any of that, but rather a state-run universal plan. Sounds rather appealing doesn’t it?

Hey, nobody ever said politicians could set up a strategic, well coordinated, long-term plan and make it work. 

What all this means, of course, is that the Democratic Party is admitting that Obamacare does not make health care affordable, does not improve quality, is not efficient and does not deliver on the glowing promises of 2009. Yup, it did allow millions to gain new (apparently unaffordable) coverage though. 

It did add an incredible amount of administrative complexity and cost to every aspect of the system from employers to insurers and all health care providers. And, it did cause or stimulate greater cost shifting to individuals, even those with employer coverage. 


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