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Dangerous propaganda

I have written before  about the power and danger of propaganda. Then it was mostly aimed at the far left of the Bernie Sander’s variety, but it seems we have an even more dangerous and sinister form in the words of Trump.  His glib comments with innuendo, his playing on fears (largely unfounded or outright bogus) and his pie in the sky promises aimed at beleaguered and low information Americans is scary stuff. 

We are reverting to the worst of politics during the 18th and 19th centuries. Instead of evolving we are regressing into stupidity on all fronts. Where is the serious discussion of the serious issues? 

The American voters ready acceptance of this propaganda and superfluous rhetoric while ignoring the facts, and consequences is the major threat facing our nation. 


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  1. Remember what Mark Twain said, “IF VOTING MADE ANY REAL DIFFERENCE THEY WOULD NOT LET US DO IT” I have been voting for Dummycrats and Ripoffagians for over 40 years and it does not seem to make any difference, whatever. I will enjoy this election season by boycotting it all. Life is just to short, to give the corrupt politicians a second thought.


  2. I believe that the first candidate to shut their month from now until November will win the election. Just because the other candidate (mostly Trump) keeps shooting himself or herself in the foot every time they opens their mouths.


  3. We have access to more information than ever in human history. Back in 1985, before the internet, Neil Postman wrote “Amusing Ourselves to Death.” It becomes truer every year.


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