What’s wrong with a common middle?

“They’re both center-right candidates,” Bernie Sanders supporter and DNC protester

And that’s a bad thing (assuming it’s accurate of course)❓

I’m guessing that if we had more people in the middle, we might have more civility, more common sense, more practical ideas and solutions, more results, reasonable compromise  and more … you should excuse the express … progress. 🙂


  1. It would be nice to have middle of the ground people. More compromising done in Congress.
    Many of the things most of us like are taken away by the extremists. Some immigrants that come here now for the freedoms we do enjoy demand that their old escaped values be brought here. They should be melting in to our values and then we may start to learn some of theirs and have both here. Don’t take away our rights to holidays, prayers etc. it’s true as the opinion before says sooner or later we bend not them.


  2. Nothing is wrong with the middle.

    The problem is the 25% to the left and the 25% to the right make up 50%. That extreme 50% does all the yelling until the middle 50%, who are willing to compromise, shift themselves just a little bit to the left or to the right. Next thing you know the middle 50% does not matter anymore because they are not vocal enough. There is no middle ground party because the two current parties focus on how they are different not what they have in common.

    It is not just the political parties either. Is it (Only) Black Lives Matter or (All) Black Lives Matter or (All) Lives Matter as another current example.


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