At Work

I agree with Trump … on one thing anywayđź’¸

In the Trump view, the Amer­i­can econ­omy is weak and un­der­per­forming and work­ing-class Amer­i­cans are slid­ing backward. In the Clin­ton view, the econ­omy “is so much stronger” than when Pres­i­dent Barack Obama took of­fice while the auto in­dus­try just had “its best year ever.” Excerpt: WSJ 7-29-16 

The plight of the middle-class so propagandized by Sanders and others on the left is because of the changing economy over decades and more recently the anemic performance of the economy since 2008. If the economy is so much stronger than in 2008, what is the problem? So much stronger than a low point isn’t great. That is like saying a 400 pound person lost 10% of their weight and thus had strong progress but in reality is far from being healthy. 

The fact is during 2009 and 2010 when Democrats had total control they spent that gold on other than the economy and to some extent against the economy. In the last six years the administration and Congress have been playing in the sand box throwing sand at each other and ignoring the economy except to make it more difficult and costly for some businesses to operate. If the economy is so strong what have Sanders and Warren been harping about?

Now the left wants to help Americans more by income transfer than by real growth in the economy. Which approach has sustainability and which addresses the fundamental problem? Band Aid or cure?

What's your opinion on this post? Readers would like your point of view.

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